Club 4th is no ordinary club - we come from all over the world. Individually we are not a club, but when we come together, we can be ourselves, we are understood and we donít need to explain. In a club, we can laugh, learn and face challenges together.

Third culture kids are used to being different. They are kids & teenagers that bridge the gap between their parentís culture and the culture they live in by melding the two into a third, unique culture. They all have different experiences and different challenges, but here is one thing they can all have in common; a Fourth Culture, Christís Kingdom Culture. . .

Central to the 4th Culture is the cross.

To thrive, one must have a thriving vertical relationship with Christ.

One also needs to develop healthy relationships with others -
others both inside & outside the club.

The world may seem big to us, but it is just a dot to God and to what the experience of His Kingdom is like.

Yet all our efforts are naught if God does not touch them. Thus the pen, the art-brush of God reaching down and completing the ď4Ē - maybe not as we would, but as He chooses - just as He created every child for a unique plan and purpose.

Anywhere there are children
in need of a program!




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