We very much appreciate our ministry partners. Those who pray, volunteer and give are all working to bring God’s Kingdom Culture to TCKs. Thank you!

For those who want to partner with us, the information below will help you make a Financial Contribution or give an In-Kind-Contribution of Tangible Items to be used at ministry events.

Financial Contributions:

Online Donation: If you wish to make an online donation to the Club 4th General Fund or to a project (with a participant in-mind!), please click the <DONATE NOW> button below.

Personal Check: If you desire to send a personal check, please print and complete the donation form (linked here), and send it, along with your check (made payable to Club 4th) to:

Club 4th
Attn: Accounting
1935 Timber Wolf Ct.
Eagan, MN 55112

*The Fine Print:
  • Although Club 4th endeavors to use gifts where suggested, IRS regulations require that contributiions are counted toward project costs, not necessarily toward individual participants.
  • Additionally, monies donated cannot be refunded in the event a participant is not able to begin or complete the project.
  • Note: gifts received in excess of project expenses will be used for additional Club 4th ministries.
  • In summary, in accordance with IRS regulations, all contributions are solicited with the understanding that Club 4th has complete discretion and control over disbursement of all donated funds.
*The Really Fine Print:
  • No tangible goods or services are exchanged for financial contributions.
  • All contributions to Club 4th are tax-deductible.

Donation of Tangible Items (Gifts-in-Kind):

If you wish to make a Gift-in-Kind contribution, please kindly consider items of General Need (listed below) or items from the Club 4th “Wish List” (linked here), on

If you have purchased Tangible Items for Club 4th, please email Club 4th at and we can make arrangements to receive your gift.

General Needs:
– Crayola Crayons (24 count box)
– Crayola Washable Markers (8 count box)
– Crayola Colored Pencils (12 count box)
– Colored Sharpie Markers (12 count box)
– Twistable Crayons (8 count box)
– Twistable Colored Pencils (18 count box)
– Mechanical Pencils
– Multi-Colored Gel Pens
– Water Color Paint Sets (paintbrush included)

– Cotton Balls
– Q-Tips
– Elmer’s Glue (4oz. bottles)
– Glue Sticks
– Colored Tissue Paper
– Construction Paper
– Colored Card Stock
– 8-inch Paper Plates with ridges on the edges

If you have any questions regarding donations, please send an email to:

Thank you for your support!